World Wide Web Embroidery

I’ve had this design sitting around for a long while. I even colored my vector drawing.

It must have been at least a year ago that I did this. But the time was finally right to make it into a project.

I was inspired by the way the web has transformed connections between people. Wires are literally wrapped around the planet and are now zipping our messages to their destination at amazing speeds.

I thank you for dropping by. I’m very busy on a different sort of project hoping to get it to some state of ready in the next month or two. It’s putting the squeeze on everything else! There is only so much time to spread out.

But I have found myself in a different place now. I’ve realized this thing we call life is a temporary condition, and we have to think of that when we divide up our time and energy, so we focus our time and resources on what truly matters.

That’s a deep thought, and I leave it open to you to contemplate, but I will be returning to this theme in the future.

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