Sheep Crewel Embroidery

I finished another little crewel embroidery yesterday, so here it is.

I didn’t plan to do the sheep with turkey  knots from the start. I had been thinking long and short, but then when I stopped to think about my other choices, I decided to give the turkey knots a go. I used 3 strands in the needle.  It made it easier to try blending the colors. I didn’t really know how close together the stitches should be for a nice result, but three strands is really a lot of yarn. I didn’t really expect the result to be quite this dense though!

It’s very soft and fluffy, just as a sheep on fabric should be. It is quite high above the fabric too. The only thing is, the head is looking a bit flat compared to the body.  But since the head was already stitched, I let it be as it is.

I got some questions on Flickr about crewel work last week. I had been thinking to write out nice answers here as Flickr really isn’t a good format for anything other than very short messages. If any of you have any questions, you can leave them here. I will be answering them shortly!

As always, thanks for the comments, and thanks for reading my posts!! I hope you get a little inspiration from my work to pick up your needles!

15 thoughts on “Sheep Crewel Embroidery”

  1. I am enjoying seeing all your crewel pieces. Crewel is one of my favorite techniques as I love working with wool. Your fluffy sheep is so cute. I like turkey work too, and use it to add some texture any time I can. :o)

  2. Awww this is gorgeous I love the fluffy sheep. I'd love to have a go at crewel work but wouldn't know where to start so any help instruction would be brilliant. What sort of fabric do you use and what sort of wool?

    Thanks in anticipation
    Jackie x

  3. Ca-ute!! My fingers want to reach thru my computer's screen and feel the fluffiness of the sheep's wool :-). I know it's common to stitch the wool with french knots, which I like a lot, but I think I like the cut turkey work even better!

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