Spring Bluebird

I finished this project on Friday.  It took some time to attach all those little pieces.  I tried a bunch of different things for this project.  The wired needlelace was the big thing.  As you see, the leaves, the daffodil and butterfly are all done in this manner.  They are the same technique but slightly different.  I used three colors for the butterfly, that was a bit interesting with all those threads hanging everywhere.  Plus I used some silver metallic for veins on the wings.  Maybe hard to see, but it sparkles in the light!   (Sparkles are cool.)

 I am happy to have this complete.  It was a bit of a challenge with all the wired parts, but that’s what I wanted.  I will be trying some new things with them soon.

Yesterday was a bad day.  My web hosting company deleted my site.  It took all day to get them to restore my account, and then I had to set the whole thing up again from backup.  It’s mostly done now although some info is lost.  I have to say it is a challenge to deal with that part of having my own site, but I have a new site in the works that will hopefully solve at least a few of the difficulties I have been having, although the way things go, new problems will probably present themselves instead! 😉

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