Finally getting somewhere

I haven’t had much time, or maybe I have, just let other things and projects come first.  But this weekend is a long weekend and the bluebird project will be done!  For once, I remember to take a few pics while I was working on something.

Here I have begun the bird’s body.  As you can see, I am filling it with long and short stitches. I added a bit of darker blues in the bird for some shading. 

 For the wing, I couched down a 30g wire, then around I go doing buttonhole stitches.    I switched colors because the wing darkens quite a bit on the lower part.

Now I have all the little pieces for the whole project collected.  There is more than one to say the least!  First I will sew on the bird, after that, I will probably do the ladybug and daffodil.  The only stitching left really is the butterfly body.  Soon, I will finally be finished.

I also have worked on two small projects in between this one, pictures of those coming soon.

If you haven’t read Susan Elliot’s post about time and needlework, then you really should!  Important stuff to think about if you are the kind of person who spends a significant part of your life with a needle in hand! 😉

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