Stitches are like brush strokes

I’ve worked hard on this, but now it’s finally completed. It isn’t a project, but instead my first book of embroidery, and I just have to say something about it here.

This is my first book, so I start at the beginning. My main theme throughout the book is that embroidery is an artform and for us, the stitches are our brush strokes. We can learn to use them, just as an artist would to achieve different effects. However, we must learn to use those brushes through practicing the stitches and seeing the possibilities each one offers us. I start with 10 basic stitches, not just how to form them, but ideas of how they can be varied and used in projects. There are suggested exercises for each one to help get you started. Then there are 7 patterns included for you to work with.  The book is 42 pages plus the patterns with many photos from my embroideries. In short, I don’t just tell you how to make a bunch of stitches, but rather the goal is to show you some of the possibilities and get you thinking in a different way.

This book is a beginning but not just for beginners, but for all of us seeking to make our work more personal. We all have a different viewpoint, let this come across as you choose stitches to incorporate into your work. And remember, the main thing about art is that it is an expression from within by the artist, so take the time to learn the media and techniques to help you increase that expression.

It took me 8 months of on and off again work to put this together. In that time my ideas had time to grow and develop, and in some ways, this book is almost like a journal (although it isn’t written like one). I’ve been a stitcher and an embroiderer for awhile now – I’m not a “beginner”, but as I came to the conclusion of this project, I realized that I really am just a beginner, there is so much more to do and learn.  Now it’s time to get going and really start stitching!!!

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