January 2012 Embroidery Journal Project

I’ve completed my embroidery journal project for the month! It’s a bit different, but it has a meaning.

I thought about what theme I wanted for the month and decided I would use new beginnings. It took me awhile to choose this theme. I’ve considered many others. New beginnings – not just because it’s a new year, but also because I feel I am starting a new phase with my embroidery. I am hoping to break out of some of the boxes I put myself in and try new things and new ways of incorporating stitches. In short to see more of the possibilities embroidery offers as an art-form and hopefully to increase my creativity.

After I decided on a theme, I sat down with a pencil and just starting drawing. I didn’t know what it would become. I decided that what I had drawn represented a seed – the small plant and the shell around it.  I thought a seed was a great symbol for new beginnings.

I used a lot of blanket stitch in this project. It isn’t a stitch I have used all that much so far, but I put it in my drawing and decided to stitch it that way. I stitched this project with a fine wool thread – also new for me to work with. It went through the woven cotton fine and even with the backing fabric it was fine too. But it didn’t feel right until I switched to a bigger needle, then it was much smoother.

I admit I had doubts as I worked on this project – it felt a lot different than my other projects, but in the end I am satisfied with it as a starting point for my embroidery journal project.

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