I’ve tried something a bit different with this project. I was reading somewhere about someone with a site where you can leave your secrets anonymously. The site doesn’t matter, but it got me thinking about the subject of secrets. We all have them. We try to bury many of them deep down in dark places, […]

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Color Journal

I recently purchase a book about exploring color by Julia Caprara. The book has a number of exercises to help you learn to work with color. One of them is making a color journal. I have to confess though that I find doing journal exercises to be a bit contrived, but I wanted to give

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These little guys must be one of the sure signs of summer. I don’t see many around here, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about them. For this project I decided to do things just a little differently. That is my “process” for making a design. I made my pencil sketch as usual. My

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Hi all, I’m back from family vacation time. I had a great time, but it’s always nice to be back to the regular schedule! I’m ready to go on some new projects with some new blogging energy. Hopefully the energy will sustain me for a good while into the future! I’ve been thinking to do

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