USA Map Embroidery

I hope you’re all managing to keep cool! Up here in the northern latitudes, it isn’t especially warm this year, but I can feel the heat in the US all the way up here.

Today I have an old favorite from a few years ago that I have re-photographed. I don’t think this project was every posted on this blog, so here it is once again…

This time I’ve taken a couple closeups.


It took some time to outline all the states and all the small shapes, but it was definitely worth it for this project.  It’s just special and I’m very glad I made it. I have received questions over the years what I used to color the shapes, and the answer is crayons. Colored pencils would surely work too. I used a fairly light hand, but I think it would work to press harder for more color.

I still love this project and when the time is right I plan to stitch up the America version of this design. That one will have full instructions like all the new patterns do. The USA map pattern doesn’t but most of it is stem and back stitching with a few french knots and lazy daisies where they fit.

Keep cool and enjoy the summer!!

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