Weekend Update!

It’s been a few days now since the weekend passed, it’s almost the next one now, but I am finally sitting down to write this in any case. 

First, I wanted to rephrase myself from my last post. I realized later that I hadn’t expressed myself really well. I said I have seen other stitchers try and fail with their free embroideries. I didn’t mean fail in any absolute sense, because trying something new is not failing. I meant they fail according to their own expectations, you can hear the disappointment in their words.

Now to the weekend. We went down to family summer house on the Baltic Sea coast for 4 beautiful days. There was walking, riding, photographing, drawing, bird-watching, grilling, and embroidery. Sounds like a perfect life. It was, so I was a bit sorry to leave. But home is where the heart is, and it was good to be home too.

I have just collected a few of the photos for showing. I will try to work in a few more in the days ahead.

A great view we found – the property is even for sale!

The blackthorn is so beautiful. This time most of the flowers were passed, but we found one big bush that was still in full bloom.

The elusive nightingale. It really does sing all night long, and what a song it has. We had to chase them around the island to be able to find one willing to show itself to us. This one was nice enough to sit long enough and close enough for a bunch of photos.

The color of new oak leaves is special.  The whole island is covered with oaks, some young some old, and they are all amazing.

Often heard, but not so often seen.  This pheasant sat still long enough for me to get some photos! I find him to be a fascinating creature, so I am happy every time he shows himself.

Small visitors were waiting at home!  They have already gone off now, headed down to the coast probably.

The photos aren’t enough to convey the beauty and the feeling of being there. Photos are just fleeting moments. If you look around you, you will see the world is full of fleeting moments, just waiting for you to notice them. Take time to see the beauty even in the tiniest and most ordinary things!

I was thinking to break up this post, but it feels wrong. So I continue! My drawing then. I have mentioned that I began to draw last summer. I haven’t given it as much time as I really want to so far, I keep at it, even if slowly. This is my first picture I am showing here then:

I really enjoy working with the colors. I take the time to carefully layer on the colors. It takes some practice to look at the photo and really see the colors, not the object. Sometimes when I am finished and I look again at the photo, then I see the colors even more clearly, which isn’t so much help for the drawing!!

And finally the embroidery. I finally started the crewel fruit wreath project intended for the little footstool. I ordered some pretty new colors to work with.

I’m making steady progress on it!

I’m doing all the greenery first, saving the fruits for after. The colors are going to be fun to work with!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Update!”

  1. nice colours.

    I only seem to see pheasant when they're trying to commit suicide beneath the wheels of my car. Dont understnad what you mean by free embroidery though?

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