Witch Doll

I just finished this little doll yesterday. I consider the doll finished, but the project isn’t. But my friend Starr was chomping at the bit for a look at her. So here she is.

With her treat bucket, broom and crystal hanging from her belt, she is ready for action!!

I’ve been meaning to try a little doll for ages, so finally, I thought it’s time to do this. Making dolls is a fun change. While constructing this one I remembered how many little things needed for this type of project. I enjoy looking for different ways to solve the problems.  This doll has a needle felted head. Actually she looked a lot scarier before I put the features and the hair on. Now she just looks like a nice, little witch, but very serious about this Halloween business!

My intention is to make a background for her to be attached to.

I hope to work on that soon, but first a couple other things get attention, like my September Journal project. It’s coming and will be done soon!

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