I have been very slow getting a good picture of this.  It doesn’t quite feel like a “new” WIP anymore.  I manage to work on it some most days.

I already showed the nest earlier.  It’s a whole lot of bunion knots stitched over some couch soft cotton.  The tree branch is stitched with raised chain band over a piece of felt.  First time I used that stitch.  It isn’t hard at all and it has nice texture for a tree.  I tried something different with the sun.  I used a trellis type of stitch for the circle.  I worked that over satin stitching.  I don’t know if suns should be textured like that, but it at least adds interest. 😉  The bug will be a ladybug when it gets its wings.  The left flower will be a daffodil.  I will make the eggs from polymer clay. 

I’ve also made a whole bunch of leaves.   These are done with needlelace on wire.  I just did it a bit simply.  I formed the wire into leaves and did the outside edge with button hole, then just continued around the leaf.  They will be wrapped with thread before being attached.  The two little pink bits are the flower buds.  They are felt shapes stitched over with long and short.

 I hope to have more soon!  But there is still quite a bit left to do.

2 thoughts on “New WIP”

  1. It's so lovely to see a WIP taking shape and becoming a stitch of art :0)

    The sun looks fantastic, I think the trellis stitch works really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the ladybird get her wings.

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