March 2013

I have finished my embroidery journal project for this month. I had the idea at the end of February, so I went ahead and started it. I got this idea from watching the birds, of course, as I often do. These blackbirds love to eat fruit. Apples are a favorite, but I think they like …

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New Beginnings

This was the theme I chose for my January 2012 embroidery journal project. Little did I know that that theme would stretch through the whole year. Actually, I purposefully didn’t choose a theme. I didn’t want to limit myself. I wanted the freedom to make a project for each month as it came. Each of …

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Christmas Kitty Embroidery

An embroidery I did last week. I finished it into a little quilted wall hanging with a vintage lace border. I’m trying to actually make some of my embroideries into something as I finish them instead of just throwing them on the pile for later. The pile is impossibly big now!!!!

Weekend Update!

It’s been a few days now since the weekend passed, it’s almost the next one now, but I am finally sitting down to write this in any case.  First, I wanted to rephrase myself from my last post. I realized later that I hadn’t expressed myself really well. I said I have seen other stitchers …

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Spring Bluebird

I finished this project on Friday.  It took some time to attach all those little pieces.  I tried a bunch of different things for this project.  The wired needlelace was the big thing.  As you see, the leaves, the daffodil and butterfly are all done in this manner.  They are the same technique but slightly …

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